The IB Diploma is the highest award in the International Baccalaureate Organisation, earned by secondary school students in the Diploma Programme after fulfilling a number of conditions, the most prominent, and basic, of which is earning 24 points from test scores and accumulated points from ToK and EE. Six courses are taken in total, an A1 language, a second language, a humanities subject, sciences, maths, and arts, and includes Theory of Knowledge as a compulsory course. Students must also complete 150 hours of CAS hours and a 4000-word Extended Essay to be considered for a passing grade. Higher Level subjects must be passed as well - getting a level 3 or below in any of the higher level subjects is an automatic failing condition regardless of scores in any other subject areas, and achieving E in both ToK and EE is considered a failing condition - in other words, either ToK or EE must be above a D to pass the diploma, in addition to 24 points.

Theory of KnowledgeEdit

Theory or knowledge, which is more commonly referred to as TOK, is a compulsory subject that all Diploma students must take - but not the Certificate students. The objective of the course is to allow students to think in a different way, to absorb the knowledge and be able to inquire as to the source of the knowledge, as a "knower".

Candidates for the diplima programme must make a 10 minute presentation, in addition to an 1200~1600 word essay to be handed in - 40% of the grades for the ToK Presentation and 60% of the grades for the ToK Essay, which will be externally assessed and marked.

Creativity, Action, and ServiceEdit

Creativity, Action and Service, often shortened to CAS, represents the extracurricular activities that the candidate participates. The three main sections, Creativity, Action, and Service must be fulfilled to a satisfactory degree before a pass is considered.

Creativity is defined as a new skill learnt that is not taught in school, such as additional languages or a musical instrument, Action refers to any strenuous activity, or any activity that requires action, such as sports, sporting events, or even activities such as martial arts or the gym. Service is, simply, community volunteering. The goal of CAS is to allow the student to achieve a broader range than what the school provides and, if possible, allow the student to gain insight into global issues through interaction with the community and non-school related projects.

Extended EssayEdit

In addition, IB Diploma students are required to write a 4000 words maximum essay on a topic of their chose, limited to higher level subjects only. Students are expected to be able to go in-depth to their research and analysis, and provide references to the information on the essays - a policy that the IBO reinforces very strictly, as it is very against plagarism. Any detection of plagarism is an automatic failure of the IB Diploma.

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